Welcome to the Fantasy AGE Wikia

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fantasy AGE wiki.

I recently stumbled upon this deserted place and thought "Well. If there already IS a wiki for FAGE, why build another?".

So, I hope we all can make this wiki into a large and productive repository, NOT for offical material, BUT a place to collect all our HOMEBREW material.

Happy gaming!

-- DracoDruid

Editorial Notes

Please try and stick to the layout I started with, so the wiki will have a unified look which should make things easier to compare.

When you add a page with content you created, please add the following categories (preferably in this order): Main Category (Races, Classes, Talents, Specializations, Arcana, Rules, Equipment), Subcategory (e.g. Oger, Ranger, Scouting, etc.), and finally "your name".

This way, we can use the Category pages as automatic overview pages, with auto-generated index and everything. :)

If possible, name the page in the format: "<Stuff> (by <your name>)". For example: "Generic Weapons (by DracoDruid)", so we can have multiple versions of the same thing, by different authors.

Thank you very much.

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